Alternative Christmas Traditions

It’s that time of year when kids start asking for things. Put it on your list, is my quick reply, knowing impulses will give way to priorities as Christmas gets closer. I can’t put this on a list, our 10 year-old says. By the time Christmas comes there’d be no point. I grimace, and she tries an alternative angle. Can we start a new Christmas tradition… maybe get an Elf for the Shelf? She gives me that award worthy smile. We’re in a new city, in a new house, our family pared down to just three now. A new tradition sounds like something that might melt my grimace. A new friend was just over asking Arielle if we had an elf, then telling her about the fun they have with the all seeing, no touching toy that reports to Santa. I vaguely remember some version of this discussion from year’s…

Marking Milestones

Life is good, as it should be at 17. But it’s also scary and uncertain at times.
She wants to save the world, but she’s starting to see how difficult that might be. Yet she still wants to do her part, so she created her own internship with the Global Immersion Project. Read what she writes about crossing the San Diego/Tijuana border:

The Gum Graft

I sat in the chair breathing deeply, calmly trying to relax since I opted out of sedatives, thinking novocaine should be enough. After all, it wasn’t much of an area that needed a gum graft, just a small nick at the top of number 8, my right front tooth. I fell down a waterfall when I was 8, more of a chute actually, but to my 8 year-old self the water fell down an expanse of cement and was therefore a waterfall. or more possibly a waterslide. What can be slid down begs to be climbed up, and slid down again, and again. It was at the end of Wildwood park in Vista where we used to play as kids, circa 1967. On one end of the park this steep cement flume led down into a tunnel under a bridge. We thought of it as a waterslide made extra slippery…