Help for Lighting the Christmas Tree

Putting lights on the Christmas tree has been the seasonal job I detest most. It never seems to go well. Until this year. I finally figured out the problem: we never have enough lights for the tall trees we like. And I tend to do it myself without much help. The help I do get is usually in the form of advice, like “You need more lights over here… Could you just move some of these down?”

In the past I’ve moved lights. That is a mistake. Once the lights have been carefully woven on each branch it is a disaster to start moving them and increases the work three-fold.
So the answer now is NO, …could you just go get more lights?

And finally we have something of a formula. It takes about 100 lights for every 1-1 1/2 feet of tree.
And I have a new helper. This one has been dying to help for years, and each year I give her a little more responsibility. I think she’s ready to take over the job.

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